Welcome to Oodles of InformationÖ

Any time my family sits around and wonders, out loud, about this or that one of them will usually speak up and say, ďIf only there was a magic box that could answer that?Ē  We laugh.  The internet is a wealth of information but, O My Goodness, trying to find whatís useful can sometimes be frustrating and take way too much time.  From the time we get up until the time we go to bed our time is filled with commutes, work, games, lessons, tutoring; the best we can, pets, chores, dinner, and trying to find time to relax when the day is done.  Repeat.

My goal, through this website, is to provide ďone stop shoppingĒ as they say.  From food to automotive, the making of tinctures, buying organic, useful tips, what really works and what to expect, make it yourself, buy locally, and best of all, saving time and money.  I've experimented so you donít have too; that is, unless you really want to.  I also want to promote living responsibly in an ever fragile world.

Welcome and enjoy your time at Oddlesofinfo.com


Thanks, Cathy