Get the legal protection you need…for yourself and your family.  For a flat monthly fee Legal Shield gives you, your family, friends, and/or business the ability to have the protection you deserve no matter how traumatic or trivial an issue.  All across the United States and Canada Legal Shield has partnered with top quality law firms that are experienced and reliable.

Plans may vary from state to state.  Some of the plans include, but not limited to, traffic tickets and violations, divorce, child support, wills, trusts, estates, IRS audits, and criminal charges.

An identity theft service can be added for additional cost.



As far as I’m concerned my membership has more than paid for its self, year after year.  In fact, by month 7 of that first year it saved me, dollar wise, the cost of the membership and then some.

A year before I even knew this membership existed I had an antivirus issue.  The antivirus, I had paid for, was due to expire the next day so I paid for it, went to bed and let it do its download thing.  The next afternoon my daughter discovered that it hadn't downloaded all the way and we were hit with several viruses.  I called the company and explained their download problem and the result.  The first person I talked with was very nice and tried to fix the problem but could not.  That person transferred me to a very nice Tier 2 person who tried but, also, failed to fix the problem.  Before the Tier 2 person could transfer me to a Tier 3 person I was told I needed to agree to pay tech fees of $75 an hour.  When all was said and done I had paid out just over $200.

The year goes by, I forget it, and before you know it, it is time to renew the antivirus.  Lo and behold the same thing happens, the program doesn't download all the way and I've been hit by viruses.  I call the company, still not remembering the year before, and explain what happened.  The very nice Tier 1 person tries to help me but can’t.  The very nice Tier 2 person tries to help me but can’t.  It wasn't until the very nice Tier 2 person said, “I can transfer you to Tier 3 but you have to agree to pay the tech fees of $75 an hour…” that I remembered and said, “Oh, no I won’t!  You guys did this to me last year.”  She kept insisting and when I asked to speak to a manager, she hung up on me.

I’m thinking, “Wrong move lady!”  I called the law firm and explained what had happened the year previous and presently.  I have no clue where the attorney got the name and address of someone who matters at that company.  In short, in the letter he wrote, he told them if they didn't agree to my reasonable request to make the situation right that I would be advised to refer their activities to the CA & WA State Attorney Generals for further investigation.  He also reminded them their excessive support fees could be deemed an unfair or deceptive act/practice and that under the Consumer Protection Act I would be entitled to 3x's the damages and attorney fees.  The next thing I know I have this company calling and emailing me wanting to fix the problem.  About an hour into cleaning up the viruses this nice Tier 3 gentleman says, “Most people have to pay for this service.”  I just smiled on the other end and thought, “Not I buddy.  Not I.”


Five or so years back I broke my foot.  The doctor put my foot in a boot and visit after visit he wasn't satisfied with the healing process.  He finally suggested I see a foot doctor.  It’s an 80 mile trip one way but that wasn't a problem because I grew up in the area and have family there.  It was after 5PM and pitch dark out when we left his office to head back home.  The main road to the freeway has lots of lights and the after work traffic was heavy.  The next thing I know I had lights flashing behind me.  I finally get pulled over and the officer was less than kind.  He told me I ran a red light.  I replied that I don’t believe I did.  He said I could come back to his car and review the tape if I liked.  Considering his attitude I was afraid to since I was still wearing my boot so I declined.  The next day I called the law firm and spoke with an attorney that handles traffic matters.  He asked me to fax the ticket and on a return call he told me what to mark to indicate I wanted a court date.  He asked me to call him when they set the date so he could put it on his calendar.  On the set date the attorney went to court for me, saving me from driving over a mountain pass during the winter.  Instead, he drove over a mountain pass worse than the one I would have had to have travelled.  With travel time, a round trip of 5 ½ hours and court time I figure this pretty much was his day.  The court wanted the fine, of course, but it wasn’t charged to my record, thereby keeping my insurance rate from going up.  If I had driven over myself to appear in person it would have cost me more than the fine.  Win for me.


I received an official looking email telling me that a company in China wanted my domain name.  The crazy thing was that it came as I was to renew my domain name.  We exchanged a few emails and I forwarded the emails to my web designer.  Then I thought, this is crazy, just call the law firm.  After a little bit of research the attorney called me back and told me not to worry as it is a scam on the other end to get ME to pay THEM money.  I sent them an email telling them the gig was up and I would not be paying.  I haven’t heard from them since.


I had been with a particular cell phone company for 10 years plus.  All of sudden we started having problems…calls and text messages not going through and, in general, interruptions in service.  Every time there was a problem I called the company.  Every month, for a solid 10 months, I called, sometimes more than once, and every time I was given a monetary credit on my cell phone bill.  I was given excuses…not enough towers…not my problem…when I signed on 10 years ago I didn’t have this problem until now and why now?  At the 10 month I was at the height of my frustration as my youngest daughter had just left for Basic Training.  Anyone who has had a child go through Basic Training knows how precious those phone calls are.

I finally started looking into another carrier but before switching over I needed my current provider to release me from one my contracts.  It took a few days but it was decided, that due to my extensive call history and being credited with $1500 plus dollars in the last 10 months, I would be released from my contract.  A date and time was set for me to call and make the change over.  Well, that date came and when I called, as instructed, I was told the appointment was for a day and time when I would be working.  I asked them, “Why on earth would I make an appointment for a day and time when I was working and knowing I would have to travel approximately 30 miles on top of that?”

I made the switch and called the law firm.  I explained the situation and gave them names.  They wrote the company but the company refused to respond.  I wrote the company reiterating what the attorney had said.  I sent the correspondence Certified Mail so I know they got it.  They continued to bill me and I continued to send their billings back and to ignore them.  If they really wanted their $500 they were going to have to acknowledge the attorney correspondence and my correspondence.  I guess someone finally decided that wasn't going to happen and they stopped billing me.


I was so excited when I bought a food processor.  I couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out.  I've used my sisters and the hardest part, it seemed, would be getting the lid on correctly for it to work.  The first thing I noticed was a plastic-like cover under the blade.  I reached in and lightly touched the blade.  It was deadly sharp as I expected it to be.  The only way to get the cover from underneath the blade was to take the blade out.  There in lay the problem.  The blade in my sister’s food processor comes out and goes back in quite easily.  This blade was not coming out.  I looked through the owner’s manual for something that would tell me how to release the blade.  I found nothing.  Because of how sharp the blade was I was being very careful.  Finally, I asked my daughter for help.  She was pulling up on the stem of the blade when, all of a sudden, it came lose and went flying away from us.  She put her arms out and said, “Don’t move.”  When the blade was still I went over and picked it up.  She set the blade back into the bowl and I went back to the book.  The crazy thing was that it audibly snapped into place so surely there was some sort of tab to press to release it from being snapped into place.  No.  At least she knew how hard it was to pull it up so this time she was “prepared.”  I’m sorry but when something just finally gives there is no preparation.  Once again, it flew through the air but not before it sliced through her nail and into the nail bed.  We waited about 10 minutes to see just how bad it was bleeding but when we saw it had bled through 6 or 7 wadded up paper towels be knew it was time to take a trip to the ER.  Her nail was removed but because the slice was horizontal through her nail bed the doctor bonded it instead of stitching it.  I contacted the company and explained what happened.  They wanted me to send the food processor to them.  A quick call to the law firm and I was advised not to do that until all was settled.  As he put it, “I can’t tell you how many times, when inquiries are made, the company “doesn't have” the item sent back.  This particular incident hasn't be settled yet.

I have called for work place advice, for advice on a book idea, and countless other things.  The attorneys have always been very helpful.

As you can see you don’t have to have a major issue to contact an attorney in order to get help and/or advice.  The help and advice you receive can help keep a minor issue from becoming a major one.  Do you need an attorney?  The answer is yes, if any time an attorney will better the outcome of your situation.  I would rather have the help available and not need it than to need the help and not have it.



Do you have a current Will or Living Will?  Yes ___ No ___.

Do you have all your contracts and documents reviewed by an attorney before you sign them? 
 Yes ___ No ___.

Do you have an attorney to call for emergencies during non-business hours?  Yes ___ No ___.

Do you have an attorney to call for consultation without concern for the costs? Yes ___ No ___.

Do you have a service to protect your minor children against Identity Theft Fraud? Yes ___ No ___.

Do you know of anyone who is an 18-Wheel truck driver? Yes ___  No ___.

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